Village Carousel Project: 2018 - 2020

August2019 in Port Townsend WA a wonderful new music festival called TheThing took place at Fort Worden State Park, unexpectedly the lastremaining "flying horses" Dentzel carousel, MGR #8, was setup and operating.Hundreds of children and adults flew around while grabbing ringsSaturday and Sunday.
(See "News").This carousel is now packed away in a "mothballed" condition until ahome can be found for it, likely far from its current PT storagelocation. Any serious suggestions for the whereabouts for a newcarousel home are appreciated.

2017 offered a long overdue Chiapas visit and a tremendousattraction to do a carousel project far to the south, specificallyMexico, that can very well still happen. Then unexpectedly, a messagearrived, a project ranging 3000 miles to the east, Croton-on-Hudson NY,showed up as the opener for the carousel triptych and MGR #10 is now installed at Van Cortland Manor. With the passing of my mother, Marion W. Dentzel late December 2017, welost one of the great American carousel rivivalists. 2018 began with alot of family carousel archive work and museum distribution (see Albany Historic Carousel and Museum). The William H. Dentzel 2 and Marion Dentzel legacy shall keep moving into the wider world.

TheWilliam H. Dentzel 3 long term goal is to set up a workshop to facilitatecommunity member participation through skill training in the productionof local carousels. City parks, schools,community centers and specialty restaurants are the venues best suitedto these human powered carousels. Skill training with local materialsand participationare rewarding aspects of taking ownership of a carousel.
Whenit comes time to explore southward, workshop facilities will be soughtout. The cost of a complete hand-crank carousel made in many places in Latin America would beUS$5,000 more or less, this depends on in-kind community participation. Thislow price would make it possible for a small community to create a fundraising project and establish a small durable carousel which wouldserve a large young local population for decades.

William Dentzel 3, fifth generation Carouselmaker,learned the carouselmakingcraft from his family and from decades of antique restoration and new carouselbuilding. Sharing this craft, especially with the children and familiesof underserved communities, has been his life work (aside from woodenboat and house carpentry). This latest phaseof carousel creation is an amalgam of Internet connectivity for fundingand awarness with localvocational training, workshop colaboration, community elder planning,international relations and family wellbeing. TheDentzel Carousel Company has been headquartered inPort Townsend, Washington, USA since 1983 and soon hopes to have alocal project base in Latin America.


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