Condoleezza Rice poses with AU students after a speaking event

腿架到肩膀上猛烈冲刺Video contains no sound or narration. AU's spirit is captured through the people, places, and events on campus and in DC. Senator Elizabeth Warren addresses a crowd at American University. Condoleezza Rice and Philip D. Zelikow discuss their book with President Burwell during a Kennedy Political Union event and take pictures with students afterwards. A woman walks her bike through Bender Arena, then a large crowd exits Bender Arena during All-American Weekend. Students in caps and gowns wave during a commencement ceremony. Students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas during commencement. A female student in a military dress uniform claps during commencement. Students make smores and drink hot cocoa at a holiday pop-up event. AU President Sylvia Burwell talks to students one on one. A female Public History graduate fellow drives the Humanities Truck around campus and Washington, DC. Clawed the mascot poses for a photo with a group of people during All-American Weekend. Two students from the School of Education’s Dual Enrollment program share a look and laugh on their first day at American University. A diverse group of students stand in front of the bronze eagle statue and wave. A professor lectures on the history of education and policy to a new class of students from the School of Education’s Dual Enrollment program. Students dressed festively sing, Clawed the mascot dancing in the background. Students wave during a holiday pop-up event.

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