The Kleerwater Co. Company was established in the 1960s by the McKinney family of Bolton, Connecticut. Originally, the Kleerwater Company delivered water to swimming pools.

Today, Kleerwater Co. provides water for pools, hot tubs, fish ponds, skating rinks, wells and holding tanks. We also provide water for a variety of construction jobs such as flooding, foundations and power washing.


From water wells to swimming pools, we’re here to provide you and your family with easy access to fresh, clean water. Call today!
Pool In Garden — Holding Tanks in Manchester, CT

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When you need a large amount of water for residential or commercial use, contact us for convenient and cost-effective water services.
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Ice Luges and Packaged Ice Available at Manchester Ice
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Memorial Day to Labor Day
M-F: 8am-4pm
Sat: 8am- 1pm
Sunday and Holidays: Closed


Labor Day to Memorial Day
M-F: 8am-4pm
Sat: 8am- 1pm
Sunday and Holidays: CLOSED

CALL US TODAY AT ? (860) 643-1129


Sabrina C. On 08.25.2015

We ran out of water for 3 days, hoped the well would recover but with no rain that didn't happen. I called this company spoke with Tom, my new hero, he had someone out to us just as soon as he could! The...

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